Welsh adaption of 'Mixed Emotions'

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Welsh adaption of 'Mixed Emotions' - 23 September 2019

As recent statistics suggest that the number of young children suffering from anxiety is on the increase, it is clear that there is a real need for suitable resources and literature to try to help children understand and cope with their feelings, for the benefit of their mental health.

Rily Publications is about to publish an innovative Welsh-language book for children that introduces the basics of various underlying emotions, including anger, happiness, jealousy, fear and anxiety. It deals with events that occur in children’s lives that can trigger intense emotions, such as a marriage or relationship breakup, the start of a new school and the death of a favourite pet.

Elin Meek, responsible for adapting the book, says, ‘We very much hope that children will benefit from this simple and accessible introduction to emotions. What is also important here is the encouragement and guidance given to children to accept their feelings; there is no criticism at all, and no emotion that is ‘not right’ or ‘inappropriate’ to feel. The anger section explains how anger can be healthy if properly channelled; it can be a catalyst for standing up for principles and acting for justice.’

‘We felt there was a great need for this kind of book,’ says Lynda Tunnicliffe, Chief Executive of Rily Publications. ‘Most of the staff at Rily are parents, and they were all excited and eager that we publish this Welsh adaptation of My Mixed Emotions, to provide an important resource for a generation that really needs it. About a month ago we announced on our social media sites that this book was in progress, and the response has been extremely encouraging.’

The book contains practical advice and tips, for example how to overcome anger, breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, and practicing gratitude. The content of the book can be the foundation for discussion with an adult, carer or teacher at school, or a child can read alone, and process the content independently.

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