Apprentice helping the Books Council

Welsh Books Council

Apprentice helping the Books Council - 06 March 2019

The Books Council takes pride in our apprenticeship scheme and how it has not only helped our apprentice, Lewis, but also how Lewis has helped us to grow.

"Lewis is a great asset to our company and, undoubtedly, has supported the growth of the business, playing an integral part in the success of the Books Council" says Arwel Evans, Head of Distribution.

Lewis said "I earn wages and work full time while having opportunities to develop new skills. I have projects to achieve and a chance to work together and learn with experienced staff."

The aim of National Apprenticeship Weel, co-ordinated by the National Apprenticeships Service, is to celebrate apprenticeships and the positive impact they have on individuals, businesses and the wider economy. The National Apprenticeship week is cimmitted to raising awareness of the business benefits that apprenticeships can present to organizations and the benefits to individuals who are trying to take the first step on the careers ladder or to try something new.

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