Tender For Welsh-Language Magazines for the Period 2019–2023

Welsh Books Council

Tender For Welsh-Language Magazines for the Period 2019–2023 - 15 January 2019

Following an open call for ideas from Welsh-language magazines which wished to apply for sponsorship, 19 applications were received from publications old and new. 17 of these titles were supported, two of which were new to the field. In addition, one-off development grants were offered to two titles.

A list of all successful titles can be seen at the end of this press release.

Robat Arwyn, Chair of the Panel, said: "We as Panel members are extremely pleased with the outcome of this process and believe that the grant offered by the Welsh Books Council has been able to support a wide variety of publications. In light of the difficult financial situation with regard to supporting and selling magazines in general, it’s good to see the industry respond with brand new ideas and a willingness to address the challenge of the digital world."

The Books Council were able to fund two brand new titles – Lysh, a digital magazine for girls in their early teens published by Rily Publications of Caerphilly, and edited by Llinos Dafydd; and Cara, a women’s magazine edited by Efa and Meinir Edwards, a mother-and-daughter team from Llandre, Ceredigion and Cardiff.

Helgard Krause, Chief Executive of the Welsh Books Council said: "A wide-ranging portfolio of magazines is fundamental to maintaining a viable culture and contributes directly to broadening the use of the Welsh language. The magazines also offer the opportunity to discuss a variety of issues through the medium of Welsh and to prompt discussions on everyday issues."

Two other digital magazines, Mam Cymru and Parallel.cymru, will receive a one-off development grant to strengthen their current provision.

The franchise period will commence on 1 April 2019.

Barddas £20,000

Barn £80,000

CIP £20,000

Cristion £2,000

Fferm a Thyddyn £1,500

Golwg £77,000

Lingo Newydd £18,000

Llafar Gwlad £7,000

Mellten £14,000

O’r Pedwar Gwynt £34,000

WCW £30,000

Y Cymro £24,000

Y Selar £11,000

Y Traethodydd £4,000

Y Wawr £8,000

Cara £10,000

Lysh £20,000

TOTAL £380,500

One-off development payments:

Mam Cymru £5,000

Parallel.cymru £5,000

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