Promoting Plurality Amongst English-Language Magazines

Welsh Books Council

Promoting Plurality Amongst English-Language Magazines - 15 January 2019

The Welsh Books Council has announced that seven English-language magazines have been offered grant support during the next funding period, with exciting new voices emerging alongside long-respected publications.

In the most competitive round to date, five established magazines have been awarded a renewal of funding in recognition of the important contribution they make to Welsh culture, while funding has been offered to a new recipient, the online English-language news service Nation.Cymru. The awarding panel were impressed with the website’s mission to raise awareness of devolved politics and Wales-specific news and its impressive performance over a short period of time. While new Wales-based gothic magazine, The Ghastling, didn’t receive funding from the main scheme on this occasion, the panel were struck with the quality of the publication and the passion and commitment of its young editor. In an effort to develop new talent within the sector, they awarded a one-off grant from outside the scheme to help develop the magazine.

"The WBC is committed to providing a range of material for the people of Wales in both print and digital formats to make them as accessible as possible," said Helgard Krause, Chief Executive of the Welsh Books Council. "The magazines funded offer uniquely Welsh perspectives, quality writing, and a platform for lively debate. With funding for the arts and culture at risk, it is important that we continue to safeguard this vital industry."

The new four-year funding period will begin in April 2019 and will see the following grants awarded during the first year:

Nation.Cymru £20,000

Poetry Wales £20,000

The Welsh Agenda and Click on Wales £17,500

New Welsh Review £45,000

Planet £45,000Wales Arts Review £27,500

In addition, The Ghastling will receive a one-off sum only of £10,000.

Grant recipients will also receive training in order to keep abreast of developments in this dynamic sector, and as pressure continues to increase on public spending, they will be encouraged to think creatively to seek a range of income sources and partnership opportunities.

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