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Learning Welsh? Would love to read Welsh? Then give it a go! - 09 April 2018

The series has been developed in conjunction with the National Centre for Learning Welsh, and the new books, which have been carefully graded from Entry to Advanced levels, will coincide with the roll-out of new Welsh for Adults courses across Wales from September.

Revealing the first six new titles in the series, Helgard Krause, Chief Executive of the Welsh Books Council, said: "We're pleased to announce the first set of books in this new series for Welsh learners. This impressive selection of leisure books offers exciting reading to current learners, as well as those wanting to reacquaint themselves with the language, and people who may be fluent Welsh speakers but lack confidence in reading the language. As a learner myself, I very much look forward to reading these books."

The first six titles will be in bookshops throughout Wales in April and will include adaptions by Elin Meek (Cofio Anghofio, CAA Cymru); Meinir Wyn Edwards (Am Ddiwrnod!, Y Lolfa); Dwynwen Teifi (Y Llythyr, CAA Cymru); Manon Steffan Ros (Trwy’r Ffenestri, Atebol); Pegi Talfryn (Gêm Beryglus, Atebol); and Mared Lewis (Y Stryd, Gomer).

Efa Gruffudd Jones, Chief Executive of the National Centre for Learning Welsh, said: "This new series of books will support current Welsh courses and will be an essential resource for Welsh learners in classes. We're delighted that these books are being offered on graded levels  –  this will certainly help increase confidence amongst learners. There is great anticipation for this series and we hope that this project will attract learners to reading Welsh books in general."

Another four titles are planned for May 2018, with the series set to expand further by October 2018 to include twenty titles across a variety of genres, such as stories, short novels, biographies, and books on Welsh history and travel. Amongst the list of authors are some new and well-known faces, including Jon Gower, Zoe Pettinger, Lucy Owen and Bethan Gwanas.

The Welsh Books Council is investing £120,000 in the project, and the following four leading publishers will publish five books each during the year: Y Lolfa, Gomer Press, CAA Cymru and Atebol, with support from the National Centre for Learning Welsh.

Rhiannon Thomas, who is overseeing the editorial and promotional work, and has many years' experience in the field of Welsh for adult learners, added: "There's been a great need for a new series of graded books for Welsh learners for many years, and now four publishers have joined forces to satisfy that demand. I'm privileged to be part of this project which produces books which are accessible to read but also amusing and interesting."

A launch event will be held at the Urdd Eisteddfod in Builth Wells in May, with further events taking place at various locations across Wales: Ar Lafar festival events, the National Tutors' Conference in Nant Gwrtheyrn, the National Eisteddfod at Cardiff and Tafwyl.

The books can be purchased at your local bookshop or on gwales.com

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