Melinau Gwlân/ Woollen Mills of Wales

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Melinau Gwlân/ Woollen Mills of Wales - 01 March 2017

The vibrant, bilingual volume by author Branwen Davies and photographer Iestyn Hughes tells the fascinating story of one of the most colourful and creative industries in Wales.

Once upon a time, the woollen mills were at the heart of Welsh rural communities; today only a few remain.

In recent years people's appetite for traditional produce of the highest quality has returned, with provenance being of vital importance to customers. The wool industry in Wales has been able to respond to this positively, and it has been a vital asset in the mill owners' bid to prosper today.

The wool industry in the Teifi Valley is a part of Branwen's family history and she says,

"Each and every mill has its own unique story. Like their owners, each mill also has its own nature and personality – some are old, some new, some are large, some are small. What they do all have in common however is the creativity, unrelentingness, determination, passion and craft of those who are keeping the industry alive."

The book includes high-quality, contemporary photographs of the mills’ produce, atmospheric images of the buildings and machines along with the faces of those who work in the industry.

A certain magic is woven in the woollen mills of Wales, where crude wool is transformed into tasteful and highly desirable goods  –  Melinau Gwlân/ Woollen Mills of Wales  will give you a taste of the magic.

Melinau Gwlân / Woollen Mills of Wales  is available from all good bookshops and online retailers.

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