Caryl Lewis is the 'Queen of our Literature'

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Caryl Lewis is the 'Queen of our Literature' - 08 November 2016

"Caryl Lewis is the new queen of our literature" according to prominent Welsh book reviewer Bethan Mair.

Her comments come following the publishing of a new volume of stories by Caryl Lewis this week as well as Caryl's phenomenal success at the Book of the Year awards this year.

Y Gwreiddyn  by Caryl Lewis is a collection of short stories on the relationships people have with their fellows, love, loss and roots.

"I love the idea that there is a 'tree' of roots underneath each tree that shapes and drives it" says Caryl, "After writing the title story I imagined that the idea fitted the short story format – that there's a world underneath us that drives us. The important things about us are often hidden."

"Roots anchor us and let us grow but they can also hinder us" says Caryl, "There is a popular saying that says that we need roots and wings, but there is tension between the two"

The stories often a wide range of characters including Hazel and Trefor in the story Chwarae Cardiau (Playing Cards), Piotr in Y Llif (The Flow) and Eben in the story Gwahaddod (Moles) – and each one looks at the root of the relationships between the characters.

"Caryl understands the rural characters that fill the pages so much so that we forget they are works of fiction" says Bethan Mair, "I read the volume in one evening but I will spend the rest of my life in her presence. Caryl is the new queen of our literature"

Caryl Lewis lives in Goginan near Aberystwyth with her hsuband and three children. She won Book of the Year for two of her novels  –  Martha Jac a Sianco  in 2005 and  Y Bwthyn  in 2016. She has also won Tir na n-Og twice. This is her second volume of shrot stories following Plu which was published in 2008.

The past year has been a very busy year for Caryl after winning three awards at the Book of the Year awards and now publishing a volume of stories. She also worked alongside artist Aneurin Jones on a new exhibition in Aberteifi castle.

"It has been exciting but tiring!" says Caryl "I tend to have periods of creativity when ideas come to me and then ideas lead to more ideas"

"But its important to take advantage of such periods and let the ideas guide you" she added.

The book is presented to local artist Aneurin Jones.

Y Gwreiddyn  by Caryl Lewis is available now (£7.99, Y Lolfa)

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