NEW RELEASE: The Martian Girl by Paul Magrs

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NEW RELEASE: The Martian Girl by Paul Magrs - 25 August 2016

The Martian Girl  by Paul Magrs Publishing 8 September, PB £7.99, Age 10+

Firefly Press is delighted to publish the second book in the Mars trilogy after the widely acclaimed  Lost on Mars  (May 2015) one of The Telegraph's and Irish Times' best YA books of 2015.

The Martian Girl  follows on from the high adventure of Lost on Mars in the wild-west of the Martian prairie and the Victorian steampunk City Inside, with aliens, humans, mad scientists, flying saucers, and a dangerous secret.
Apparently safe in the City Inside, Lora becomes suspicious of its human/Martian authorities. But then she gets the chance to join their expedition to the Martian plains to find Grandma’s friend Ruby, survivor of the old Earth starships. When their flying saucer crash-lands Lora must lead on through deadly adventures. They find Ruby but she's changed, and admits to abandoning Lora's Ma and sister Hannah to an ancient and dangerous Martian spirit. Horrified, Lora sets out again, to try to save her family.

The Mars series is a blend of the best elements of classic children's fiction, such as Laura Ingalls Wilder's 'Little House' books, and Golden Age space operas such as Ray Bradbury's Martian Chronicles. Paul says he wanted: "to make my own contribution to the children's science fiction genre ... going back to elements in the books that I read as a child and celebrating them."

Praise for Lost on Mars:

"wondrous, strange and satisfying." SFX

Chosen by Patricia Duncker and Amanda Craig in the Independent's "Best Summer Reads"

"easily my favourite read of the year." Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books

"Paul writes with such joy and honesty." Russell T. Davies

"Paul Magrs is part of an exciting new wave of science fiction rising in children's literature" SF Said, Phoenix

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