Welsh Government shows support for publishing

Welsh Books Council

Welsh Government shows support for publishing - 20 January 2016

The Welsh Books Council welcomes the Welsh Government’s announcement that it will not receive a cut in funding in the next financial year and is thankful for all the support shown over the last few weeks.

"Naturally, it has been a difficult time for the Council and the publishing industry," said Elwyn Jones, Chief Executive of the Books Council, "as we were concerned about the effects of the cuts on the range and quality of books from Wales."

A number of English- and Welsh-language authors have expressed their concern at the proposed cuts and the Welsh Books Council are extremely thankful to the Deputy Minister, Ken Skates, for his willingness to consider the arguments and respond in a positive way.

"With the support of the Welsh Government the publishing industry has reached out to communities of readers across the whole social and geographical spectrum of Wales", said Professor M. Wynn Thomas, Chairman of the Books Council. "It has been successful in encouraging the development of e-books as well as the printed book, in increasing interest in books from Wales, in fostering authors and in supporting a network of flourishing businesses, both publishers and booksellers. Books produced in Wales are also vital to the country’s libraries and education sector."

Elwyn Jones added: "In the present economic climate we appreciate the confidence of the Welsh Government in our work and we will put all our efforts into supporting the industry and promoting books in both languages. We will also continue with our efforts to secure other funding sources to sustain and develop our work."

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