Tender for Welsh-language Magazines 2016–2019

Welsh Books Council

Tender for Welsh-language Magazines 2016–2019 - 14 September 2015

A list of all successful titles can be seen at the end of this press release.

‘We as Panel members are extremely pleased with the outcome of this process and believe that the grant offered by the Welsh Books Council has succeeded to support a wide variety of publications,’ said Professor Gerwyn Wiliams, Panel Chair.  ‘In light of the difficult financial situation in supporting and selling magazines in general, it’s good to see the industry respond with brand new ideas and with a readiness to address the challenge of the digital world.

The call succeeded in attracting (and funding) two brand new titles. Melin, presented by Rhodri ap Dyfrig, Aberystwyth, funded from the development fund for new ideas, will be a digital forum for collating and distributing contemporary news, and Mellten, a comic for children and young people that will be created by the well known cartoonist, Huw Aaron and produced by Y Lolfa.

‘A wide ranging portfolio of magazines is fundamental to maintaining a viable culture and contributes directly to broadening the use of the Welsh language. The magazines also offer the opportunity to discuss a variety of issues through the medium of Welsh and to prompt discussions on every-day issues,’ said Elwyn Jones, Chief Executive, Welsh Books Council.

It wasn’t possible to offer support to a general literary magazine as the one application that was submitted hadn’t been able to appoint editors. The Panel felt that it was important to support provision in this area and to be fair to all possible applicants it decided to set aside £20,000 of the fund for this purpose and to re-advertise immediately (please see details  http://www.llyfrau.cymru/5818.file.dld , closing date 9 November).

The franchise period will commence on 1 April 2016.

Magazine Grant Offer

Barddas  £24,000
Barn  £80,000
Cristion  £4,800
Golwg  £73,000
Lingo  £18,000
Y Cymro  £18,000
Y Wawr  £10,000
CIP  £27,500
Mellten  £14,000
Fferm a Thyddyn  £1,500
Llafar Gwlad  £7,000
Melin  £5,000
WCW  £30,000
Y Selar  £10,000
Y Traethodydd  £6,000

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