World Book Day Lecture 2015: Jackie Morris

Welsh Books Council

World Book Day Lecture 2015: Jackie Morris - 27 February 2015

Jackie Morris is an international artist and author of renown currently residing in a coastal cottage in Pembrokeshire. She recently lent her voice to the Love Letters to Libraries campaign to save libraries across Wales.

Jackie’s work is guided and influenced by her deep love of nature that has led her to explore the worlds of bears, cats, birds and whales, amongst other animals. Jackie is famous for combining her love of nature with a dreamy vision that bathes all her work. The combination of both worlds creates works of fine art and impressive, unique books which are popular across the world.

Her work has won the Tir na-Og award twice for Cities in the Sea and The Seal Children and in 2006 she was commissioned to rework the covers of Robin Hobbs collection of novels which have sold millions worldwide.

In her lecture Jackie will gauge the important relationship between her drawings and the written word using her dual perspective as artist and author.

"Over the 30 years that I have been involved in publishing I have seen many changes. It’s a fierce industry to work in. The love of the magical alchemical relationship that happens when letters on paper become characters and places in the mind’s eye – that’s what keeps me working at it."

The lecture is an annual event organised by the Welsh Book Council, as part of a wider series of events throughout Wales celebrating World Book Day, which this year will be held on 5 March.

"World Book Day is an important event in Wales, well established in the calendar of the book industry as well as schools and libraries," noted Elwyn Jones, Chief Executive of the Books Council.  "It’s a day of celebration and a great opportunity to give attention to books and reading.

"The annual lecture is an important part of the programme and I’m looking forward this year to welcoming author and illustrator Jackie Morris, who will join us to talk about the relationship between the written word and illustrations, and how her writing has inspired her distinctive artwork."

The event is sponsored by Mererid and Angharad Puw Davies in memory of their parents, Roger and Catrin Puw Davies, who contributed greatly to the world of books in Wales over many years.

World Book Day 2015 will be held on Thursday 5 March, w with numerous events arranged around Wales. To find out more, please go to or follow us on Facebook Diwrnod y Llyfr / World Book Day and Twitter DYLLcymWBDwales #dathludarllen/#lovetoread

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