Catrin Dafydd announces long-awaited sequel to bestseller

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Catrin Dafydd announces long-awaited sequel to bestseller - 12 February 2015

Random Births and Love Hearts  is the long-awaited sequel to  Random Deaths and Custard, which was shortlisted for the Spread the Word: Books to Talk About award in 2009.

The novel sees the return of Sam Jones, a perfectly ordinary Valleys girl who is now a perfectly ordinary Valleys Mam. Still chasing the dream, her life is as weird and wonderful as ever. And just as random.

Helping and hindering her along the way is a cast of colourful characters; her feisty Anti Peg, her best mate Arse, her ex-squaddie brother Gareth and her annoying boss Glanville  – some of whom will take her to some pretty unexpected places.

"Catrin is a rare talent and after the critical and commercial success of her debut English-language novel, we are delighted to be publishing the sequel. The book is based on an original, contemporary concept that fuses humour with a philosophical look at life in a modern day Valley’s community. It has a darkly comic core and if you liked Gavin and Stacey we are certain you’ll love this!",  says Ceri Wyn Jones, editor at Gomer Press.

Catrin Dafydd is an established and experienced writer; she won the Literature Medal in the 2005 Urdd Eisteddfod and her debut Welsh-language novel  Pili Pala  was longlisted for the Welsh Book of the Year 2007. Written in the distinctive dialect of the South Wales Valleys,  Random Births and Love Hearts  showcases the author’s ability to experiment with language and form.

Commenting on the release of her latest novel, Catrin Dafydd said:  "Since the publication of  Random Deaths and Custard, it's been a real privilege to see so many people take Sam Jones to their hearts. I'm very much looking forward to the release of Random Births and Love Hearts, as Sam is now at another stage in her life but she still has plenty more stories to tell."

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