Funding Announced for English-language Magazines

Welsh Books Council

Funding Announced for English-language Magazines - 15 December 2014

The following magazines will receive funding (please note the maximum sum available per magazine is c.  £55,000):

The Welsh Agenda and Click on Wales  £25,000 (level of funding in 2014/15:  £8,000)
New Welsh Review  £50,000 (level of funding in 2014/15:  £58,908)
Poetry Wales  £25,000 (level of funding in 2014/15:  £28,540)
Planet  £50,000 (level of funding in 2014/15:  £70,300)
Wales Arts Review  £20,000 (level of funding in 2014/15:  £1,700)

"In recent years there has been a great deal of discussion within the Welsh Books Council about English-language magazines," said Professor M. Wynn Thomas, Chair of the Books Council and Chair of the English-language Publishing Grants Panel. "We were aware that the sector faces many challenges, including maintaining sales and reach, attracting new readers as well as considering the possibilities of digital publishing. "We were keen to continue our support for the vital role played by magazines in featuring debate, analysis and, at their best, redefining our culture and so it was essential for the Books Council and the individual applicants to carefully consider those challenges. "We are also all too aware of the difficult financial situation that we all face at present as well as the increasing pressures upon public spending."

A detailed review of provision for English-language magazines was held in 2013, including supplementary market research, by an independent panel of experts chaired by Tony Bianchi. The recommendations of the review were incorporated into the new funding scheme for magazines, which was advertised at the beginning of the summer.

"All the companies had a strong vision of what they wanted to achieve,’ said Elwyn Jones, Chief Executive of the Welsh Books Council, ‘and despite the pressures upon our budgets, we feel that we have provided support for a range of magazines that will stimulate readers and provide incisive debate of many aspects of Welsh culture."

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