Literary Medal 2014

Welsh Books Council

Literary Medal 2014 - 06 August 2014

Lleucu Roberts has been awarded the Literary Medal at the 2014 National Eisteddfod for her collection of prose,  Saith Oes Efa. Lleucu Roberts also won the Daniel Owen Memorial Prize at the same Eisteddfod for her novel,  Rhwng Edafedd.

This year's Literary Medal is presented for a volume of creative prose of no more than 40,000 words; the title of the work is 'Gwrthdaro' (Conflict). The adjudicators were Catrin Beard, Meg Elis and Manon Rhys.

SAITH OES EFA: Supporting her husband, Seimon Cesel Ucha, is the job of his wife from morning till night. Whenever a storm is brewing in his life, she must step to the front and run the farm until all has subsided. But one day, something comes to disrupt the lives of them both.

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