'Teulu Bach Nantoer' available as an ebook

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'Teulu Bach Nantoer' available as an ebook - 13 September 2013

This ebook is edited from the original 1913 publication and includes the adjudication from the Wrexham National Eisteddfod, 1912, as well as the Vocabulary section printed in the first edition. To tie in with a television programme, produced by Unigryw, an introduction has been written by Siwan M. Rosser and a new Notes section gives further information about the poetry sources quoted at the beginning of each chapter.

This is a short and notable novel which is still worth reading. It is important in the history of the development of children’s literature in Wales; through studying Moelona’s skill in connecting with her young audience we can begin to understand the Welsh psyche at the beginning of the twentieth century.   Teulu Bach Nantoer  appears to be a simple story, but it is loaded with the hopes, aspirations and the worries of the Welsh about their language, their community and their culture.

The S4C documentary  Teulu Bach Nantoer  on Sunday, 15 September, at 9.30pm, examined the novel and the author in discussions with literary experts. We also heared the memories of people who remember reading the novel as children, and comparing their thoughts with the opinions of children today after they read  Teulu Bach Nantoer  for the first time.

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