Daniel Owen Memorial Prize 2013

Welsh Books Council

Daniel Owen Memorial Prize 2013 - 06 August 2013

Bet Jones, a native of Trefor who now lives in Rhiwlas near Bangor, has won the Daniel Owen Memorial Prize for 2013 at the National Eisteddfod, for her novel,  Craciau .

The Daniel Owen Memorial Prize is awarded for a novel with a strong story line, and the adjudicators were Geraint Vaughan Jones, Bethan Hughes, and Gwen Pritchard Jones.

Craciau : Monday, 30 March, 4.35 a.m. Most of the inhabitants of the town and its surrounding area were asleep in their beds – around six thousand of them – men, women and children. At the Cors Ddyga fracking site, night shift workers were busy at work. Then, without warning, rumblings were felt from the very core of the earth.

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