The Welsh Books Council at the Eisteddfod

Welsh Books Council

The Welsh Books Council at the Eisteddfod - 01 August 2013

Come and visit the Welsh Books Council's exhibition hall (A08) for a selection of fantastic books from Wales. We'll also have various events and signings during the week. The Eisteddfod is held at Denbigh, 2-10 August.

Saturday, 3 August
12.00pm Launching  Eidalwr yn Eryri  -  Pierino's Snowdonia  - a richly colour illustrated volume by Snowdonia's most popular photographer.

Monday, 5 August
11.00am  Popular ardner Medwyn Williams will be signing copies of  Gwreiddiau .
11.30am  Derec Llwyd Morgan will be signing copies of his biography of Thomas Parry,  Y Brenhinbren .
2.00pm  John Elfed and his autobiography,  Dyfroedd Dyfnion .
2.30pm  Gareth W. Williams signing copies of his detective novel,  Y Teyrn .

11.30am   Leah Owen  and her autobiography.
12.30pm  Hedd Bleddyn signing copies of his autobiography, Dwyn i Gof a Dyna i Gyd .
1.00pm  John Gruffydd Jones and his collection of poetry,  Ai Breuddwydion Bardd Ydynt?
2.00pm  David Meredith signing copies of  Obsessed  - memoir of artist Kyffin Williams.
2.30pm  Heini Gruffudd, winner of the Welsh Book of the Year Award 2013,  Yr Erlid .

11.00am  Criw Cyw @ Gwyl Llên Plant - join Rachael a Trystan, and their friends Ben Dant, Heulwen and Dona Direidi for a children's story.
12.00pm  Annes Glyn signing copies of her novel,  Canu'n y Co' .
1.30pm  Gwenda Williams and her collection of songs,  Taro'r Nodyn .
2.00pm  Geraint Evans signing copies of his detective novel,  Diawl y Wasg .

10.30am  Hywel Griffiths signing copies of his book for children,  Teigr yn y Gegin .
11.00am  Huw Meirion and his collecion of poetry,  Lygad yn Llygad .
11.30am  The Archdruid Christine James signing copies of her poetry collecion,  Rhwng y Llinellau .
12.30pm  Bruce Cardwell signing his book,  The Harp in Wales .
2.00pm  Tegwyn Jones signing copies of  Bro a Bywyd: Hywel Teifi .
3.00pm  Haf Llewelyn signing copies of her novel for children,  Diffodd y Sêr .

12.00pm  Beti-Wyn James signing copies of her autobiography,  A Wnaiff y Gwragedd ... ?
12.30pm  Alun Cob signing copies of his novels,  Tarw Pres  and  Pwll Ynfyd .

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