Unique take on the Tales of The Mabinogi Wins Major Award

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Unique take on the Tales of The Mabinogi Wins Major Award - 16 May 2013
Unique take on the Tales of The Mabinogi Wins Major Award

Daniel Morden was born in Cwmbrân and studied English and Drama at the University of London. For many years Daniel has travelled the world as a professional storyteller visiting art centres, theatres, libraries, museums and festivals. He has told Welsh tales in St Donat’s and at St David’s, from the Arctic to the Pacific and the Caribbean. His stories, ranging from nursery tales to Welsh myths, ghost stories to the Odyssey, are broadcast regularly on BBC Radio Wales and BBC Choice TV. Daniel is also a Writer on Tour with Literature Wales.

A gifted and popular storyteller, Daniel’s first bookWeird Tales from the Storyteller , was shortlisted for the Tir na n-Og English-language award in 2004. He then went on to win the award in 2007 for  Dark Tales from the Woods .

Daniel Morden said: ‘I am overjoyed that Tree of Leaf and Flame has won. Credit is due to my editor, Viv Sayer, and my wonderful illustrator, Brett Breckon. I am very proud of the book. Behind my storytelling and my writing is a passion for story. I want everyone to know and enjoy these ancient, gripping tales. Anything that helps spread the word is welcome!’

Tracey Paddon, Chair of the English-language Judging Panel, said of the winning title:

Tree of Leaf and Flame  by Daniel Morden is a quality production with beautiful and gory illustrations . . . The stories are a fresh and exciting retelling of the Mabinogi, with modern dialogue . . . What was particularly appealing throughout the book was that Daniel the storyteller can be heard in it, especially where you can hear him pause with "I wish I could say . . . but I cannot." Just magic!’

The Tir na n-Og English-language Award – which recognises the exceptional quality of books with a Welsh background for children and young people – is sponsored by CILIP Wales (The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals), and the award ceremony formed part of their annual conference.

Elwyn Jones, Chief Executive of the Welsh Books Council, said: ‘There was a wealth of books to be considered for this year’s Tir na n-Og Award, reflecting the quality and range of books available for children. It is with great pleasure that we warmly congratulate Daniel Morden and Pont Books on their achievement.’

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