What do you want to write about in 20x13?

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What do you want to write about in 20x13? - 28 January 2013

The competition is open to residents in Wales, writing in either Welsh or English, but is limited to a minimum of 20 individual lines and a maximum of 13 words per line in length. Entrants can however submit any number of words as long as they are exact multiples of 20x13.

The aim of Stori Sydyn/Quick Reads 20x13, through the publication of seven new titles for Wales, will be to encourage the reader to start on a page-by-page basis, rather than worry about getting through a chapter or a whole book in one go. As each page of a Stori Sydyn/Quick Reads book equates roughly to 20 lines with 13 words in each, the aim is to complete one, or as many, 20 x 13 sections as possible.

Angharad Tomos, Head of the Children’s Books and Reading Promotion Department at the Welsh Books Council, said, "We hope the 20x13 writing competition will inspire a number of young people across Wales to not only think creatively but also look to draw in the reader within 260 words if they can, the sum total of 20x13. However, we are also happy to receive longer pieces of 520, 780, 1,040 words and so forth as long as they are exact multiples of 260, which is not as easy a task as you would think!

"The aim of this initiative, which is coordinated by the Welsh Books Council and supported by the Welsh Government, is to help people overcome initial barriers to reading or picking up a book. By taking a step-by-step, page-by-page approach we hope we can help to overcome any confidence issues that may exist and show that reading can be a fun and inspiring activity which all the family can enjoy."

All entries for the competition must be submitted online as a word document to  rhodri@cambrensis.uk.com  or by post to: 20x13, 7 Romilly Crescent, Cardiff CF11 9NP by the closing date of  Friday 01 March 2013.

All entries will be judged independently and finalists will be notified by Friday 8 March 2013 and invited to attend a special event on Thursday 14 March 2013. The overall winner will be presented with a set of the Quick Reads/Stori Sydyn 2013 titles and  £100 in book vouchers. The runner up will receive a set of books and  £50 of book vouchers.

The new Stori Sydyn/Quick Reads titles for 2013 (three in English, four in Welsh)


Grand Slam Man – Dan Lydiate

Hostage – Emlyn Rees

Peak Performance – Tori James

Inc - Manon Steffan Ros

George North - Alun Gibbard

Meddyliau Eilir - Eilir Jones

Cymry Mentrus - John Meurig Edwards

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