Launch of a Competition in Memory of Author T. Llew Jones

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Launch of a Competition in Memory of Author T. Llew Jones - 11 October 2012

This new competition will be launched on T. Llew Jones Day (11 October, the date of his birthday) by his two sons, Emyr Llywelyn and Iolo Jones, as part of the celebrations held annually in schools across Wales. The competition is being arranged by the T. Llew Jones Memorial Fund.

"We gave careful consideration to the best way of celebrating the work of one of Wales’s most popular authors," said Owenna Davies, Chair of the Memorial Fund, "and it was natural for us to choose to promote the field of children’s literature, which was so important to T. Llew himself. He always emphasised that his main aim was to write for young readers, and that the best way of appealing to the children’s imagination was by writing a strong, exciting story. We are confident that both experienced and new authors will rise to the challenge, and winning the T. Llew Jones Competition would be a special honour for any author."

Applicants are invited to submit the first chapter of a novel for children aged 10–12 years, together with a resumé of the rest of the strory; the closing date will be the end of January 2013. A prize of £300 will be presented to the winning entry by the T. Llew Jones Memorial Fund.

In the case of novels later accepted by a publisher, there is a possibility that authors could be awarded a commission of up to £2,000 under the auspices of the Welsh Books Council.

"As an author, T. Llew Jones transformed the provision of Welsh-language books for children," said Elwyn Jones, Chief Executive of the Welsh Books Council, "by publishing adventure stories that appealed to the young readers. What better way, therefore, of commemorating him than to support the creation of children’s reading material that will be worthy of bearing his name?"

Literature Wales will also be supporting and promoting the competition and Lleucu Siencyn, the Chief Executive, added: "We are very pleased to be involved with this new competition, realising as we do the importance of promoting children’s literature, especially in the name of Wales’s leading author of children’s books."

Full details about the competition are available on the T. Llew Jones Memorial Fund website – – which was set up specifically in order to commemorate the author’s contribution to Welsh literature.

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