T. Llew Jones Day, 11 October 2012

Welsh Books Council

T. Llew Jones Day, 11 October 2012 - 01 October 2012

The occasion offers schools a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the contribution of one of Wales’s leading authors in a variety of entertaining and ingenious ways.

The Welsh Books Council has given a copy of Jac Jones’s colourful and entertaining poster depicting T. Llew Jones’s poem ‘Traeth y Pigyn’ to primary schools throughout Wales, and the Council has also been encouraging schools to join in the celebrations this year. Schools have responded enthusiastically, and a host of exciting activities have already been arranged.

Hundreds of children will have fun dressing up as some of their favourite characters from T. Llew Jones’s books and reading some of his works, whilst others will be designing book covers and posters. The pupils from Ysgol Santes Tudful in Merthyr Tudful will be strolling through the park having read the poem ‘Dawns y Dail’. In September, a brand new school named after the author – Ysgol T. Llew Jones – opened in Brynhoffnant, Ceredigion. A gipsy caravan will be calling at the school, and the pupils will also be receiving a visit from Eurig Salisbury, the current Welsh Children’s Poet Laureate, as well as visiting Pentre Bach.

Ceredigion Education Authority, in co-operation with the owners of Pentre Bach, has arranged to open a school for pirates in the village, where local schoolchildren will have the opportunity to learn how to be a real pirate from none other than Black Bart himself!

T. Llew Jones died in January 2009. His career was spent in education, both as a primary school teacher and later as a headmaster, but he also became a successful author, specialising in writing books and poetry for children. He won the Tir na n-Og Award twice – he was the first recipient of the award in 1976, winning for a second time in 1990. The Mary Vaughan Jones Award was presented to him in 1991 for his unique contribution to children’s literature in Wales. Information about his books can be found on www.gwales.com.

The T. Llew Jones Memorial Fund was established in order to preserve the legacy of this renowned author. For further information go to the website: http://www.tllewjones.com or contact the Chair on 07977 593467.

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