A Review of English-language Magazines in Wales - Readers' Views

Welsh Books Council

A Review of English-language Magazines in Wales - Readers' Views - 25 September 2012

The readers’ surveys will be conducted by Wavehill Consulting, Aberaeron, who will collate views and opinions by means of questionnaires and focus groups.

"We are eager to hear from a wide range of readers," said Endaf Griffiths on behalf of Wavehill, "and we intend to seek their opinions regarding the various magazines they usually read and buy." The questionnaire is available on-line at www.magazinesfromwales.co.uk where there will be an opportunity for those who respond to win a book token to the value of £100.

The review of English-language magazines is being led by Tony Bianchi, who has wide experience of the field in Wales; he is assisted by Tim Holmes, from the School of Journalism, Cardiff University – a specialist on magazines in Wales and Britain – and by Alex Clark, former editor of the literary magazine Granta, who recently established a digital magazine.

"The readers’ responses will be of great value to us as we strive to promote this important field," said Elwyn Jones, Chief Executive of the Welsh Books Council, "and it will, hopefully, help us to develop the provision currently available to readers."

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