The Editors of Taliesin Launch a Digital Magazine

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The Editors of Taliesin Launch a Digital Magazine - 17 July 2012

"Following awarding publishing grants to Welsh-language magazines at the end of 2011, we were very aware of the need to ensure provision for new authors, many of them young authors," said Richard Owen, Head of the Books Council’s Publishing Grants Department. "The editors of the new magazine will place an emphasis on offering support to new authors who will be seeing their work in print for the first time. We are confident that this development will be warmly welcomed."

It has been decided that the new magazine will only be published in digital form. This will be an interesting and important experiment, and a way of connecting with a new generation of readers.

Richard Owen added: "We now have an excellent range of Welsh-language print magazines, and adding a digital magazine to the choice available will enrich the provision and will also be a step forward in the field of magazine publishing."

The new editors are looking forward immensely to the challenge. Siân Melangell Dafydd and Angharad Elen said: "As joint editors of the magazine Taliesin for the past few years, it has been our privilege to work with both new and experienced authors. This new initiative will offer authors a broader platform, with more opportunities to experiment and break new ground. In addition, we hope that the new website will offer authors and readers a new, vibrant community which will become an essential resource for anyone interested in literature in the Welsh language."

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