The Advantages of Writing in Two Languages

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The Advantages of Writing in Two Languages - 28 May 2012

By not adhering rigidly to the original, the text will develop into a completely new creative work, revealing fresh layers of meaning to the author and reader. From the perspective of Welsh-language books, it is also an opportunity to reach a much wider audience.

"As someone who lives and breathes in two languages, I enjoy discovering new meanings and tones by translating from one language to another. There is a feeling of freedom to the process that creates an interesting creative conflict, underlining how different the emotional incentive is when writing in both languages,’’ said Fflur Dafydd. "I intend pushing the boundaries even further by adapting my latest novel, Y Llyfrgell, into English, with an emphasis on conveying the message rather than simply adhering closely to the story or the style."

Fflur Dafydd will be discussing her work with Professor M. Wynn Thomas at an event sponsored by the Welsh Books Council as part of the Council’s celebrations to note 50 years of service to the books industry in Wales.

The event – entitled ‘In Two Minds’ – will be held on Tuesday evening, 5 June, at 7 pm in the Digital Stage marquee at the Hay Festival (event number 241 in the Festival programme), when Fflur will also be entertaining the audience with two songs in both English and Welsh.

Professor Thomas, an admirer of Fflur Dafydd’s work and craftmanship, said: "As the poet Bryan Martin Davies said some years ago, ‘Ynom mae y ffin’ [‘The boundary is within us’] – and one of the most prominent charateristics of Fflur’s multi-medium output is that it enables her to cross boundaries time and time again, and to create a rich tapestry that reflects her own cultural situation.’’

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