Murder, Cadillacs, Mr Nice, General Custer and Pontcanna

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Murder, Cadillacs, Mr Nice, General Custer and Pontcanna - 14 June 2011
Murder, Cadillacs, Mr Nice, General Custer and Pontcanna

...the strange but true world of Euron Griffith

What have you got planned for the summer? What about an exciting journey with Irfon Thomas? A man who dreams of being a famous novelist but who has to put up with working as a TV researcher. Irfon is the main character in  Dyn Pob Un,  the new novel by Bangor born, Pontcanna-living, author Euron Griffith - and his first foray into Welsh language fiction writing.

The novel takes the reader on an incredible adventure. However, as the title suggests, there are a number of elements that every one of us can relate to.

"It’s possibly quite true to say that there are autobiographical elements which creep into every novel," says Euron Griffith. "However, I can honestly say, without any hint of irony, that I’ve never murdered anybody, or won a BAFTA (not even a BAFTA Cymru). I’ve never been approached to present The One Show or owned a Ford Granada (although I did own a Cadillac for a time in the 80s)"
Art must be stranger than fiction since after he completed writing this comedic offering about murder, the author gained work on the Crimewatch Roadshow TV programme. Euron Griffiths’ note pad must have been full to brimming with inspiration from this unique look into the world of crime.
"I’m responsible for researching stories, organising reconstruction, filming items and putting them together with the producer. Some detectives came in to the office this week, and to be honest, I was shocked by how young they were and I thought to myself...mmm...maybe my DI Kidd character is closer to reality than I had though."
Dyn Pob Un  is written in a popular style similar to that of other popular authors such as Nick Hornby and the American, Richard Brautigan. Euron said, "I’m proud to be different and I’m keen to avoid the need to be polite in writing which seems to be common amongst Welsh speakers, " says Euron, " I have tried to create a believable world through the voice of one person who speaks directly to the reader. I hope the book will, as a result, appeal to a wider cross section of readers than the current Welsh language writing on offer. I think it will appeal to those who do not at the moment read Welsh novels."
Euron has won two writing scholarships with Academi and has published short stories in the books Sing Sorrow Sing (Seren) and In My Life: Encounters with the Beatles (Fromm International, New York) side by side with works by Leonard Bernstein, Philip Larkin and Tom Wolfe.
"In the American book, my story  "The Beatles in Tonypandy"  was drawn by Sir Peter Blake, designer of the Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band cover," adds Euron.
Euron has written for a number of series’ for S4C such as Rownd a Rownd, Stwnsh Sadwrn, Cyw and Rapsgaliwn and his poetry was published in Poetry Wales. . A keen guitar player who performs with his band Soda Men, he also landed a part in the recent Mr Nice film on the life and times of Howard Marks. His artwork has also been exhibited in the Walker Gallery in Liverpool. His obsession with General Custer and American cars from the 1960s is another story.

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