An Extension to the Golwg 360 contract

Welsh Books Council

An Extension to the Golwg 360 contract - 28 March 2011

The Books Council had commissioned Wavehill, a company based in Aberaeron, to conduct a survey of the service during March 2010, collating users’ opinions of the service, and data regarding visits to the website. The journalistic quality of the service was widely praised, and it was compared favourably with other similar services.  The report, which also includes recommendations on how the service could be developed, is available on the Welsh Books Council’s website.

To date, Golwg 360 has already begun to implement some of the recommendations, and there has been an increase in the number of visits to the site. Following the recent re-design, the number of monthly visits has increased to over 160,000.

The Books Council’s Publishing Grants Panel (Welsh-language) welcomed the findings of the report, and congratulated Golwg 360 on their achievements to date. It was agreed to extend the contract for a further period of three years in order to enable the scheme to continue to develop during the present difficult economic climate.

In acknowledging the decision of the Welsh Books Council, Alun Ffred Jones, the Minister for Heritage, said:  ‘Golwg 360 has developed into an important news resource for Welsh-speakers.  I’m pleased to see the progress that the Golwg 360 website has made during the two years since its inception, and the extension to the contract will give the company an opportunity to further develop the service.The daily Welsh-language news service is a vital element in the development of the language and in extending the variety of news sources available in Wales.’

Elwyn Jones, Director of the Books Council, added, ‘The Golwg 360 website was set up two years ago, in 2009, and it is now well established as a source of Welsh and international news. In extending the contract, we are confident that the service will be developed further, and this will encourage new readers to choose to receive their news coverage through the medium of Welsh.’

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