Woman's Hour Dramatises Parthian Novel

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Woman's Hour Dramatises Parthian Novel - 07 July 2010

A Kind of Loving,  Stan Barstow's cult novel, when first published in 1960, epitomised the output of the UK's artistically active "angry young men". It went on to adaptation to film, small screen and radio, as well as becoming a set text in British schools for many years. A seminal work, it laid the ground for "lad-lit" writers such as Horny and Parsons. 2010 sees a special adaptation by Diana Griffiths for BBC Radio 4  Woman's Hour  drama with Lee Ingleby as the main protagonist, Vic Brown. A fiftieth anniversary edition has been republished by Parthian Books.

Episodes 1-5, July 12th-16th, 2010, at 10.45am, repeated at 7.45pm (evening time can vary).

Episodes 6-10, July 19th-23rd at 10.45am repeated, as above.  

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