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The World Cup in Welsh - 04 May 2010
The World Cup in Welsh

Cwpan y Byd 2010  will include a foreword by John Hartson, a free wall chart of the matches and a Welsh perspective on the event along with text by an experienced author, Gwyn Jenkins. The new funding from the Wales Books Council means that the book has been professionally designed by Elgan Griffiths and includes photographs from the Press Association. Lefi Gruffudd from Y Lolfa said:  "It’s great to be able to commission an original book for the World Cup with an author and designer of such high standard. It will look as good as anything else available in any language. It is also good that the text will put a Welsh tilt on things and a different perspective than the often biased material seen in the English press."

Elwyn Jones, Director of the Wales Book Council, said:  "It’s great to welcome the first product of the extra funding made available for Welsh books by the Assembly Government this year. It’s good to have an original Welsh book about the World Cup, and for that book to be as colourful and lively as this one. Congratulations to Y Lolfa for taking advantage of this opportunity."

The book,  Cwpan y Byd 2010,  will surely be a great aid to anyone who wishes to keep track of all the countries and players who will be competing in South Africa this year. It is packed with facts and figures, including details of all the matches, fantastic photographs of the players, a foreword by John Hartson and a free wall chart.

The author, Gwyn Jenkins, published the first Welsh book on football for children,  Gôl  (Y Lolfa 1980) and this is another volume that will prove to be essential to supporters of the world’s most popular sport. Gwyn Jenkins also edited  Llyfr y Ganrif.

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