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New Posts for the Publishing Industry - 19 March 2010

‘We warmly welcome this further investment,’ said Elwyn Jones, Director of the Welsh Books Council. ‘It is excellent news for the publishing industry in Wales.’

The development is a reflection of the Assembly Government’s confidence in the book trade, and a valuable way of strengthening the infrastructure of the industry. It will also ensure that posts are available in the rural areas of Wales, where several of the publishers are based.

‘In previous years we have secured additional funding for authors,’ added Elwyn Jones, ‘thereby helping some of our leading authors to write a variety of appealing books which have been enthusiastically welcomed by readers. We now have an opportunity to invest in the contribution made by editors in order to continue to produce high-quality materials.’

This was confirmed by Myrddin ap Dafydd, on behalf of the publishers, who said: ‘The editor’s expertise is crucial in bringing the author and the public closer together – it ensures that books are more appealing and readable. The publishers will be making a joint investment in this scheme in order to further raise the standard of the Welsh-language book market.’

Alun Ffred Jones, the Minister for Heritage, added: ‘These new editors will make a contribution towards improving the quality of books, increasing sales and enriching the readers’ experiences.’

Advertisements from individual publishers will appear shortly in the press, or for more information about the scheme please contact the Grants Department at the Books Council.

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