Angel Mountain Saga Breaks 50,000 Barrier

Welsh Books Council

Angel Mountain Saga Breaks 50,000 Barrier - 10 March 2010
Angel Mountain Saga Breaks 50,000 Barrier

There are seven books in the series, together with a hardback companion volume, all published between 2001 and 2009. Some of the books have been published in Greencroft Books and Corgi editions, and there are also large print editions and audio editions. The first title, called  On Angel Mountain  has consistently been one of the most heavily borrowed books in the Pembrokeshire library, and that book alone now has sales (in all editions) near 20,000. The paperback version is now in its sixth printing. The other six novels between them account for the other 30,000 sales, and all of the books except  Guardian Angel  have been reprinted. That one too will need a second printing quite soon.

Brian says that the sales have been achieved without any high-pressure marketing campaign and without any great interest from wholesalers and distributors, apart from the Welsh Books Council in Wales, which has been very supportive.  "It all goes to show that if readers enjoy a book -- or a series of books -- enough, word of mouth is sufficient to get sales moving at a very reasonable level," he says.  "And there seems to be no easing off in the volume of sales each year. Obviously, more and more new readers are falling in love with Mistress Martha!".

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