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The Six Nations Song Book - 03 February 2010

If the Six Nations tournament would be about singing the Welsh would probably win it every year. The Six Nations Rugby Songbook,  published by Y Lolfa, includes all the Welsh favourites such as Hymns and Arias, Bread of Heaven and Delilah as well as songs from the other five nations such as The Fields of Athenry and Flower of Scotland. Translations are included for the Welsh language songs such as Sosban Fach, Calon Lân, Myfanwy and I Bob Un Sy’n Ffyddlon.

The bus trips, the dressing up, the socialising, the friendly banter between fans and rousing sing songs are now as much a part of the Six Nations championship as the rugby. This pocket sized book will be a godsend to any one who isn’t sure of the words and wants to join in the impromptu singing sessions and to tour organiser who wants to ensure that everyone knows the words to all the songs making sure that even if Wales don’t win the rugby as far as the singing is concerned the "land of song" will always be leading the way.

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