A National Day to Commemorate T. Llew Jones - 9 October 2009

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A National Day to Commemorate T. Llew Jones - 9 October 2009 - 01 October 2009
A National Day to Commemorate T. Llew Jones - 9 October 2009

T. Llew Jones spent his working life as a primary school teacher and headmaster, but also developed to be a successful author, concentrating on writing books for children. He won the Tir na n-Og Award twice – he was the first winner of the award in 1976, and won again in 1990. In 1991 he was awarded the Mary Vaughan Jones Award for his special contribution to children’s literature in Wales.

The Welsh Books Council has produced a full-colour leaflet on the life and work of T. Llew Jones, together with a leaflet of creative ideas on how to celebrate the day. There are literary competitions for schools, such as writing a parody on ‘Cwm Alltcafan’ and a poem beginning with the words ‘Ddoi di gen i …’ (Come with me …) – two of T. Llew Jones’s most famous poems. There is also a short story competition based on his award-winning novel, Tân ar y Comin. The winning poems will be published in the poetry magazine Barddas and the story in Cip, one of the Urdd magazines.

To date, over 13,000 children in schools throughout Wales will be taking part in the celebrations and there is no doubt that many more will celebrate the day. Many libraries and bookshops will also be marking the occasion.

As 150 years have passed since the shipwreck of the Royal Charter in 1859, many schools are involved in creative work based on T. Llew Jones’s account of the tragedy in his novel, Ofnadwy Nos.

The pupils of Ysgol Chwilog, Gwynedd, who struck on the idea of having a special day each year to remember T. Llew Jones, have invited local people and special guests to the school to view the pupils’ work on T. Llew Jones. On Sunday, 11 October, the author’s birthday, a special service of thanksgiving for his life and work will take place at Capel Uchaf, Chwilog. The poet Myrddin ap Dafydd and Menna Lloyd Williams, Head of the Children’s Books Department at the Welsh Books Council, will address the congregation. During the weekend there will also be celebrations in Ceredigion, T. Llew Jones’s home county.

Menna Lloyd Williams added: ‘It has come as no surprise to us that there has been such a terrific response from schools all over Wales to the national day to commemorate T. Llew Jones. The activities illustrate the innovative ideas in schools and the great enthusiasm of teachers wanting to remember one of Wales’s greatest children’s authors. T. Llew Jones would be delighted that so many children from all corners of Wales will be celebrating his contribution to children’s books.'

T. Llew Jones 1915–2009 Brenin Llenyddiaeth Plant (Welsh)


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