Book Launch Invitation

Welsh Books Council

Book Launch Invitation - 08 September 2009

Controversial, dark and funny;  The Schoolboy  is an astonishing psychological study of a disturbed adolescent mind, a commentary on morality and society and a gripping read from one of the most talented young writers around.

The Schoolboy  follows Nick in his last year at school. Plagued by secrets, self doubt, guilt and fury, the flaws in his character inevitably lead him into the hands of the damaged, unscrupulous and malevolent. With his options rapidly closing Nick, as insecure as he is angry, has to make decisions fast.

"The Schoolboy  is an astonishing debut from an outstanding young writer. With her sharp, uncluttered prose and spiky wit, Holly Howitt explores a teenage boy's inner violence and sexual rage with a finely-tuned ear for the nuances of spoken language and a superb eye for detail. ...a brilliant and shocking novella from a highly talented young writer."

Richard Gwyn

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