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Grants for Welsh-language Magazines - 02 December 2008

Applications are invited every three years and the Council received a number of new applications in this funding round, both from magazines that are currently published without grant-aid, and from completely new titles.

Professor M. Wynn Thomas, Chairman of the Council, said that the standard and variety of applications was extremely heartening and reflected great dedication on the part of publishers.

The task of assessing applications was undertaken by the Books Council's Welsh-language Publishing Grants Panel, which is chaired by Mr Gareth Davies Jones. It was a difficult funding round with the funding at standstill while the total requests for support would have required a 65% increase in the grant.

The competition was particularly fierce in the field of current affairs with a new monthly magazine from Y Lolfa competing for funding alongside the current provision.

The grant to Barn will be renewed for a year and Y Lolfa will receive a one-off grant of £5,000 to prepare a complete sample issue of Sylw, the proposed new monthly magazine, for further consideration by the Panel.

The Chairman of the Grants Panel, Gareth Davies Jones said, 'With two strong applications competing for support, the Panel was of the unanimous view that the finished product needed to be assessed in each case and the Panel would come to a decision following a thorough process that would be set out in the letter of offer to the two publishers concerned. The process would include receiving feedback from readers and users. Following this process, a franchise would be offered to one monthly magazine'.

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