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Stocking Thriller - 15 December 2008
Stocking Thriller

Just in time to fill those Christmas stockings, Gwasg Gwynedd is launching a new book of Welsh-language erotic stories. The book,  Tinboethach,  is the hot follow-up to the successful first collection  Tinboeth,  which was published last November, and promises to get readers even hotter under the collar!

Bethan Gwanas, who was responsible for inviting authors to contribute and who edited the collection said, "One of the complaints we got after  Tinboeth  was that the stories weren’t steamy enough! So I told the authors to go all out this time, within reason of course – there is a limit. I had to hold one author back a bit, I have to admit. If you read the book, I think it’s fairly obvious which one that was!"

The 12 authors who have contributed to the collection this time include big names in Welsh literature as well as emerging authors. Gwen Pritchard Jones, Elin Llwyd Morgan, Meleri Wyn James, Caryl Parry Jones, Catrin Dafydd, Mari Emlyn, Menna Medi, Angharad Jones, Catrin Evans, Angharad Elen and Manon Wyn have all contributed stories. To add extra sizzle, this time there’s also a man in the mix, as prolific author Gareth F. Williams has also contributed a story.

However, readers will again be kept guessing as to who wrote which story, as all the stories are anonymous, with the authors only listed on the back of the book. "The fact that we didn’t name the authors of each story caused a bit of a fuss last time," explains Bethan Gwanas. "Some people though the authors were just too shy to put their names to the stories, but it’s more to do with the teasing that is all part of erotica. First of all, people have fun trying to work out who wrote which story (especially which one Gareth wrote!) and that’s a new experience for the reader. Secondly, I really do feel it gives each story the chance to stand on its own two feet. People don’t see a certain name at the top of the story and expect a certain style. I think that was very liberating for the authors."

But don’t the authors find it hard to keep the secret? "I think they do, especially when their story is praised! Then they want to tell everyone!" Bethan laughs.

Stocking Thriller

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