Heyday in the Blood at Fuze Bookshop, Newtown

Welsh Books Council

Heyday in the Blood at Fuze Bookshop, Newtown - 20 November 2008

‘The old way of things was ending; she had come at the end of one age and the beginning of another. Wales would be the last to go - but it was going’

A forgotten classic by Newtown-born Geraint Goodwin,  The Heyday in the Blood  was published in 1936. It is a story of young lovers caught in the cross currents of social change - as an older, rural Wales seems about to disappear forever beneath the tarmac of modern England.

In the village of Tanygraig on the Welsh-English border, Beti, the beautiful daughter of a pub landlord, is pursued by two men: Llew, her aggressive, red-haired cousin, and Evan, the dreamy miller and poet. She has to make a choice but it’s not her future alone that hangs in the balance. She and Tanygraig are positioned precariously on borders of class, nation, language and changing times.

‘ It has filled me with a sense of seeing great talent trying its first flight, which I have not experienced since reading D. H. Lawrence's The White Peacock.‘ Howard Spring

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