Calling all Reading Groups in Wales!

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Calling all Reading Groups in Wales! - 20 November 2008

The National Year of Reading in Wales is calling all reading groups to stand up and be counted. Co-ordinated by the Welsh Books Council, the National Year of Reading in Wales is trying to find as many reading groups in Wales as possible in order to produce a list online so people can log on and find out where their nearest group is to join. So how many groups do you think there are in Wales? A hundred? A thousand? Let’s find out!

Delyth Humphreys, Co-ordinator of the Year in Wales said "As the National Year of Reading in Wales is in full swing we thought we could find out how many people out there are members of a reading group or club and why these groups have become so popular."

"Reading is a great part of many people’s lives and it also brings people together to discuss interesting topics and issues. Everybody can interpret the written word differently and it is interesting to hear other points of view. "Reading groups are therefore an integral part of society and we want to find out what is happening in the ones in Wales."

Melanie Brown, a member of a reading group formed by staff from Holton Road Primary School in Barry commented, "being part of a Reading Group has become a very social event that also encourages us all to read a wider variety of books than we would normally choose, as most of us go for what the cover looks like!"

Annes Glyn, a member of the Caernarfon Book Club added, "our group was established in March 2003, and since then we have read a comprehensive collection of both Welsh and English books including novels, biographies, autobiographies and travel books."

"The fact that we can discuss books with others who are also mad about books and reading is what’s fantastic about being a member of a club. On the other hand, because we’ve all got different interests, I’ve had an opportunity to discover new authors and read books that I would not have ventured to choose otherwise," she added. 

So if you, your friend or a member of your family is part of a reading group, let the Books Council know by e-mailing,  or log on to  for details of groups in your area.

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