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Aneurin Jones's Life in Words and Pictures - 03 January 2008

Y Lolfa have a strong tradition of producing beautiful books to give as gifts. They recently published a very special autobiography by the artist Aneurin Jones. 500 lucky individuals will be able to get hold of the exclusive 500 numbered hardback edition of  Byd Aneurin  (Aneurin’s World) and paperback versions are also available.

Aneurin is widely regarded as one of Wales's foremost artistic talents, and the book contains over 200 images of his unique work. The images are deftly combined with the story of his upbringing in Cwm Wysg, which lies on the border of the old counties of Breconshire and Carmarthenshire, and which had such a profound influence on his work.

Aneurin said, "This book is really a combined effort. My son Meirion (who’s also an artist) and I have often discussed my childhood over the years, and he showed a real interest in my upbringing on the mountainside."

With Aneurin now living on the outskirts of Cardigan, the book includes chapters on the many themes in his life. From the world of horses to Llyn y Fan, and from age-old traditions to college days and life as an artist, his tale is told in an easy and affectionate style.

Emyr Llewelyn, an old friend of Aneurin, was responsible for editing the book, and is a great admirer of Aneurin the man as well as Aneurin the artist. "His tales are very readable, the world of horses, dogs and strong men," he explains. "He’s very much a Welsh artist in that respect, and his work records a way of life that has all but disappeared.

"Many of his works show people socialising, face to face. That’s very important to him. This simply isn’t done in some areas any more, people don’t socialise in the same way as they used to, and neither do they live so close to nature. So I think in that respect he’s an artist who has a very contemporary message to convey about the importance of the natural world and the importance of sustaining local communities."

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